The Square Nine
The Square Nine

posted on March 18, 2020

Do you have a handful of blogs that you follow purely for fun?That’s right, I’m not talking about the blogs that you follow because you feel like you “should”, or because they relate to your career field, or because you know the blogger, or because omg-like-everyone-else-you-know is following them.  Nope, I’m asking — what blogs do you follow just because you totally enjoy them??


Over the past few years, I’ve actually made the intentional move away from following primarily food blogs (which too often send me into that old comparison/jealousy/insecurity spiral, meh) and now find myself following bloggers in totally different niches — and it has been awesome.  I have blog categories on Feedly for photographers I admire, cool people working for social justice, interesting perspectives on faith, DIY stuff I actually want to try, you name it!  Mostly they’re just blogs that have nada to do with recipes, and I find that I look forward to reading them more than ever.  But that said, the blogs in my reader that get the most clicks by a landslide are in my favorite category that I have oh-so-creatively named — get ready for it — “fun”.

And they are just that — blogs I find fun!  Some I have followed for years and years, some are pretty new to me.  Some deal with 100% light and fluffy stuff, some dig a little deeper into the meat of life.  Some of them share the most beautiful prose, some are random and chatty and full of incomplete sentences.  But I love ’em all, and can genuinely say that I look forward to reading them most mornings (after I read The Skimm, of course, which I’m still obsessed with), and also genuinely admire each of the bloggers behind them.  ♥

So if any of you are on the prowl for some new non-recipe blogs, I thought I’d share 7 of my favorites with you today.  I’m guessing you’ll be familiar with a few, but I’m hoping there might be a few new gems in there for you to discover.  And hey — if you have some favorites of your own, pretty please share them in the comments below, because I totally want to check ’em out.

Have “fun”!